Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Site of the day - 1st April

My site for today is a long established one -

I've used this site for about 9 years. Whilst I know some of you will already be aware of the site, i'm hoping to some that this will be a new site to visit.

Epinions helps people make informed buying decisions. It is a premier consumer reviews platform on the Web and a reliable source for valuable consumer insight, unbiased advice, in-depth product evaluations and personalized recommendations.

Visit the site and check it out, here are some example new posts I found at the time of writing this post:
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend for PlayStation 2
Beautiful Bogota! South America's Surprisingly Sophisticated Capital City

I've not posted on Epinions for a while as a reviewer but here a few of mine to let you see what i've posted about in the past:
Interview Dynamics - Get that job!
Review of the film - Dinosaur
Review of the game - Hungry Hippos

It's surprisingly fun to post comments on Epinions and it's a great site to visit before buying your next car, DVD player, digital camera, etc

You can spend many an hour on this Website, give it a try today...

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