Friday, 3 April 2009

Site of the day - 3rd April


My site for today is My Peer to Peer (TV broadcasting on the Internet).

Use of MyP2P is entirely free and gives you access to hundreds of channels of TV from around the world.

Use of the Website will require some additional Software to be loaded onto your PC so that you gain access, most of these software products are free although some software you need to pay for.

I use this service to watch football(soccer) matches in the English Premiership, most games are available at the following URL:
Other Sports available include American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Motor Sports, Tennis, etc
If it's a sporting event you're after it's probably broadcast at MyP2P.

If you want to watch general TV there are dozens of channels available from around the globe at the following URL:

I strongly advise you check this site out today. I'm sure you'll get many hours of enjoyment from it if you do.

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  1. This sounds cool Alan. I never knew that P2P was being used for streaming media. I'll check this out myself; keep blogging this is good stuff.