Monday, 26 April 2010

How to cook your own ham and save a fortune

Now that we have just got Easter out of the way it got me thinking, Easter seems to increase in cost each year. What are the costs to me, well there are Easter Eggs, Easter outfits, Easter Bonnets but above all else the biggest cost is Ham. Why do we spend $70 on a piece of meat.

I got to thinking does it really cost this much or are the butchers just making an absolute fortune from us? I was looking on the [[Internet]] and found this article, I am going to do this next year, it will save me a fortune.

Well why do I bother with ham each Easter, it’s tradition isn’t it. At Christmas I like to have a Pork Dinner and at Easter a Ham Dinner. For me those are traditional, I have always found Turkey too dry at Christmas.

When I was reading the article I was surprised that ham only has 140 calories for a 3 ounce serving, I would have thought it was far more than that. The most essential part of preparing your own ham is the actual purchase of the original ham in the first place. There are lots of different types of ham though so you need to know which type you like. For me, I like what is known as Shank Ham. This type of ham contains less fat and some say it is harder to carve but it is the one I like!

It’s also important to choose how much to buy. I generally buy loads and at over the course of a week. Unlike with turkey or pork I never seem to bore of eating ham over a week and there are quite a few dishes that I can use it for.

It’s also important to store the ham right apparently. You need to make sure it is cool enough. There are all sorts of ways you can prepare the ham too. There are too many for me to list so check for yourself at

Well I suppose it is a full year before I can practice this but I sure intend too. Keep watching this post as I will let you know the results. What’s more Easter will cost me less next year too. So I get my ham but at a much lower price, perfect.

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