Monday, 26 April 2010

Is romance dead in this age of the Internet and especially Craigslist?

My oldest son is at that age, that age when you can get awkward around girls, he is seventeen. It got me thinking of how awkward it was for me to ask a girl out.
Don’t ask me why – I don’t know I was just shy I guess! I then got to thinking how has the Internet changed all of that? These days all you have to do is go on the Internet register your interest and hey presto for a lot of people an instant boyfriend/girlfriend.

OK that view is a little halcyon perhaps, it is not instant but it is often fairly rapid. What happens is the human intimacy and emotion is neutralized by the remoteness of the “transaction”.
It is so much easier to ask someone out from behind a computer keyboard than it is too ask them out face to face. Are computers robbing us of our intimacy then? I think perhaps to some extent they are.

I was reading this Mahalo article - I like this article – why you ask? Well in this scenario, romance is still not dead.
The scenario here is that you are the guy and you want to ask a girl to the date, but you are embarrassed, what strategies can you come up with to overcome your shyness?
Well a good start is who do you want to go the prom with? It is a fact you know that a lot of the pretty girls don’t get asked because all the guys think they will already have a date, so don’t be fooled by that false truth. Before you ask to try and find out if she is going with someone else already, you don’t want to make yourself look a fool unnecessarily.
If the girl is still available and it seems right just find a good time and place and ask her. I love this because this is true romance. Not the internet post an advert on Craiglist type stuff you get these days.

So for me romance is not dead, even in this computer age. If you have an opinion please post a comment to this post. I will try and respond and comments are welcomed.
Best of luck and I hope that Cupid and romance are kind to you. Be sure to give this site a look -
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