Friday, 23 April 2010

Who doesn't like free music?

I have already decided earlier that I don’t like infomercials but one thing I definitely do like is free music – who doesn’t?

I am worried though. Is it right, is it moral. OK I know the record companies have made a fortune over the years but is it fair I can just have their stuff for free?

Well what I need to get through this minefield is advice. I found this advice on Mahalo -

Basically this gives me a lot of good advice on how to download free music. Not in any sort of shady way, but in a legally and responsible way.

What I did not realize too much was that their are lots of good free resources online, places where you can download music for free, places such as Digital Eargasm - I have already spent some time looking through some of these resources and OK you don’t always get bands like U2, Boyz 2 Men, etc but you can find some gems, as they would say in Aladdin “The Diamond in the rough”. Some of this free content is actually very good.

There is so much to learn about downloading free music though and that is why this site is so good -

It’s also a good idea to review this download information from the RIAA - – This provides chilling information about potential legal cases for piracy and also talks about a supreme court ruling in the past.

I don’t know about you but I have kids and I have been worried about them downloading some material without me knowing. As the owner of my internet service provision (ISP), I am legally responsible for what is downloaded. If you haven’t already it is advisable to have some controls in place so that you know what your children are downloading.

Normally people put controls in place for pornography but it is just as important these days t o control music, if you don’t you can be prosecuted.

I think what the youth of today don’t seem to get either is that music is something you should pay for. When I was a kid I frequently went out and spent all my money on the latest RATT/Guns N Roses album and didn’t mind doing it. I played that vinyl until it was well worn, it was worth every penny.

But kids today they just seem to think music should be free. If there is one thing I have learned it is that “nobody rides for free” – a classic from Ratt, I must download it. Here is the video link -

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